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ALPHA6810S Series Energy Saver for Injection Molding Machine

ALPHA6810S Energy Saver works intelligently in the injection cycles. The motor speed is controlled synchronously with the tracking of pressure and flow, which is equivalent to using a variable pump instead of the actual fixed-displacement pump. And the original hydraulic system works adaptively to the machine running power, eliminating the energy loss caused by high-pressure overflow in previous system. Furthermore, the AC Drive makes the motor stop running under non-action state (Mainly the cooling state) thus enlarges the energy saving space and reduces the running noise as well as machine wear and temperature-rise. This series of inverter perfectly combines the injection machine and the asynchronous servo controller’s advantages of rapid dynamic response and strong instantaneous over-current ability. Because of this, the energy saving of oil pump is 25%~70%, and hydraulic oil extends its lifetime to 3 years.

Technical Characteristics

Strong over-load capacity; protection to 250% instantaneous over-current

Three analog inputs (0~1A, 0~10V); multiple selection modes

Rapid dynamic response ensures the production efficiency.

Built-in switching of bypass (Cabinet integration); more reliable running

Bypass switching control mode doesn’t need the modification of injection related parameters after switching.

Soft start and tracking running reduce machine wear and extend lifetime of injection machine.

Pass EMC testing; no interference to original injection control system

Easy installation and debugging, free of alternation to original oil pump circuit

Retain the original injection control mode and its oil circuit

Optimal curve runs adaptively to the properties of injection oil circuit

Keep original injection techniques and its work efficiency

Runs synchronously with injection machine to extend machine lifetime without adjustment

User-defined control curves satisfy all kinds of injection techniques.

Direct proportional valve signal input; no transfer process

Energy saving rate varies among 20%~70% in different injection techniques.

Magnificent reduced heating; stable oil temperature; save higher than 30% cooling water

Extend sealants lifetime; reduce stoppage for maintenance; save large amount of maintenance fee

Industry Application

The energy saver is used together with injection molding machines.

Technical Specifications of ALPHA6810S

Item Specification
Power Range 380V ±20% three phases: from 11 to 55kW
Rated Input Voltage and Frequency Three phases: 50/60Hz
Allowable Input Voltage Range 380V three phases: from 304 to 456V, Voltage unbalance rate of less than 3%, Frequency fluctuation of below ±5% 
Rated Output Voltage From 0 to rated input voltage
Max. Overload Current 150% for one minute, 180% for 20 seconds, 250% for reaching the instantaneous peak value
Control Method V/F control, Open loop vector control
Frequency Range From 0.00 to 400.00Hz
Frequency Accuracy Digital command ± 0.01% (from -10℃ to +40℃)
Simulation command ± 0.01% (25℃ ± 10℃)
Preset Frequency Resolution Digital command 0.01Hz
Simulation command 1/1000 of the maximum frequency
Output Frequency Resolution 0.01Hz
Preset Frequency Signal From 0 to 10V, from 0 to 20mA
Acceleration-Deceleration Time From 0.1 to 3600 seconds (The acceleration and deceleration time are set independently.)
Braking Torque The additional braking resistance can reach 125%.
Voltage-Frequency Characteristic 4 fixed V/F characteristics are selectable, and any V/F characteristic can be preset. The V/F control with PG is attainable.
Protective Functions Over-voltage, under-voltage, current limit, over-current, overload, electronic thermal relay, overheating, over-voltage stall, load short circuit, grounding, under-voltage protection, input phase loss, output phase loss, short circuit to ground, interphase short circuit, motor overload protection, and more
Ambient Temperature From -10℃ to +40℃
Humidity From 5 to 95% RH (No condensation)
Storage Temperature From -40℃ to +70℃
Service Place Indoor (without any corrosive gas)
Installation Site The altitude is at most 1,000m. There is not any dust, corrosive gas, or direct solar radiation.
Vibration Less than 5.9m/s2 (0.6g)
Protection Rating IP20
Cooling Method Natural cooling or forced air cooling

ALPHA6810S Selection Table

Voltage Classes Model Motor Power (kW) Rated Output Current (A)
380V Three Phases 6810S-3011ZB 11 25
6810S-3015ZB 15 32
6810S-3018Z 18.5 37
6810S-3022Z 22 45
6810S-3030Z 30 60
6810S-3037Z 37 75
6810S-3045Z 45 90
6810S-3055Z 55 110

Overall Dimension of ALPHA6810S Series Energy Saver for Injection Molding Machine

A: Energy Saving
B: Bypass
C: Fault
D: Stop
Model W (mm) H (mm) D (mm)
6810S-3011ZB 350 800 250
6810S-3015ZB 350 800 250
6810S-3030Z 395 860 260
6810S-3037Z 450 1100 325

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