Shenzhen ALPHA Inverter Co., Ltd.

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Why Choose Us?

ALPHA Inverter Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. As one of the first professional AC drive manufacturer in China, we have created an average annual rate of growth of over 50%. Nowadays, our company has become one of the TOP 3 manufacturers within Chinese inverter industry.


ALPHA has 316 employees, over 70% of which are senior technicians. Among them, 45 employees have received a PhD or master's degree. Moreover, our board of directors persists in devoting 10% of annual sales to the R&D field. So far, we have obtained 25 patents for utility models and appearance design, as well as 28 software copyrights. We are recognized as the National High-tech Enterprise by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.


All core components of ALPHA products are derived from the first-class brand suppliers around the world. Every unit has the ageing time of 40 hours and the ageing temperature of 50±5 degrees Celsius to ensure the product quality. All PCB are sprayed with the UL-certified conformal coating by the specialized and automated spray system. The service life of ALPHA products can reach more than 8 years.


ALPHA has invested 12 million RMB in the product quality detection and technology evaluation platform, so as to guarantee the quality control of products at all stages from R&D to the shipment of end products. Besides the conventional detection of finished products in a warehouse, ALPHA carries out the secondary detection of all finished products before shipment, so as to ensure the 100% of acceptance rate of unpacking inspection. Every product is with a particular series number, which gives convenience for tracing and tracking procedures.


Beyond that, ALPHA Company pays much attention to staff health and environmental protection. We have invested 1.4 million RMB to establish the exhaust gas treatment system. Simultaneously, we have contributed 1.6 million RMB in the electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection system for improving the reliability of our products. Managed by ERP and CRM systems, the manufacturing base can offer the monthly output of up to 50,000 units. Then, the order can be timely delivered to our clients.


With over 10 years of industry experience, our senior sales engineers can provide distributors with the professional pre-sale selection guide service and solutions. In addition, our after-sales service department can offer a rapid-response technical support 24 hours a day. We also provide distributors with free training program and the warranty policy superior to the industry standard.


ALPHA Company lies within the National Economic Zone, Shenzhen City. It is adjacent to Hong Kong. The convenient transportation helps customers save the logistics cost of 15%-30%. The delivery date can be shortened to 7 workdays.